We always love to hear from back from our happy clients!! This is what they had to say……

Alexander Hartnoll
Alex was very helpful in arranging everything with the landlord. He was friendly and straightforward, which made the whole process easy and stress free. As someone new to Barcelona he provided plenty of other good recommendations for living here. A great pleasure to deal with and an extremely dependable estate agent.

Malika Bencherki
I’m really happy I found out about Key2Bcn. I was pressed for time to find a home in Barcelona and with Key2Bcn I moved in within 2 days! It was really nice to deal with Alex who is transparent about his work, efficient and very understanding. If you are looking for a flat in Barcelona I would definetely recommend Key2Bcn!

Carly Cruz
I highly recommend Key2BCN. I am an English-speaker who moved to Barcelona in the Fall of 2014. After living in two temporary flats, and spending hours on segundamano, habitaclia, and idealista attempting to find a flat on my own (with the ever present language barrier), I was delighted to stumble upon Key2BCN last December. Alex was incredibly helpful and made the move into my flat a breeze. I have a dog, not making it the easiest for finding suitable accommodations. Alex negotiated a reduced deposit with my landlady, who has been wonderful and stays in touch to see if I need anything, and also helped dock the rent by 100 euros. I will certainly be using Key2BCN in the future.

Onur Toprak
I found Key2BCN coincidentally while browsing around the flat advertisements. After founding the agency, my communication was with Alex,he helped me a lot while I was searching flats out of Barcelona. As I am a non-Spanish speaker person, I was really glad that I found somebody that I could have a clear communication while the flat hunting process. This made my process much smoother and Alex was quite responsive and quick on his returns which was a plus in terms of trustworthiness. Finally, he was quite helpful in translation and answering my concerns and questions with the owner at the same time while we did the contract and paperwork. In overal I am quite satisfied with the service I received from Key2BCN and I would suggest to anybody who is looking for a long term flat rental in BCN. Attitudes and trust is very important while communicating with the agencies and Key2BCN was definitely able to meet this crucial factor.

Fabian Q
Everyone knows how hard it can be to find a good agency that provides good service without any hassle like hidden fees and so on in Barcelona. Look no more! Can’t recommend Key2bcn enough! And if you’re a non-spanish speaker like me, this really was a walk in the park compared to other agency’s I’ve dealt with here in Barcelona.

David Morrow
After moving from the US to take up a job in Barcelona, the task of looking for an apartment was quite difficult until I came across this company. Alex immediately arranged suitable viewings which followed exactly what I was looking for rather than wasting my time with unsuitable properties. Extremely professional, quick to correspond, and having the advantage of being bilingual quickly made the process easier. I had a new apartment which was perfect within days. I would recommenced this company to anyone who wants a professional, quick turnaround service and in particular to foreign nationals as Alex is cognizant of the worries and uncertainties that we feel about the basics of renting here. Great company.Highly recommend.

Johanna Whitaker
I found Key2bcn whilst I was back in the UK but knew I’d be moving to Barcelona for work. The website stood out from all the others as it was easy to navigate and the neighbourhood guide was so helpful. Within a couple of days of moving to Barcelona, I’d found the perfect apartment for me using Key2bcn. It’s been a completely hassle-free service and I’m delighted everything went so smoothly and quickly. I’d recommend using Key2bcn without a second thought.

Klaus Højgaard Nielsen
For a serious young proff. as myself who was looking for a proper long term lease in Barcelona, Key2bcn was the perfect choice. The service is great, and for a non-Spanish speaker the interpretation and translation was also crucial. Key2bcn takes pride in helping you find a home and not just a place to stay. Any other questions I had about life in Spain were also answered in a detailed manner.

Jason Phoenix
Alex was easy to work with, efficient and knowledgable. He’s not afraid to give you his input which can be crucial if you are new to an area. Would recommend to anyone looking for a long term rental. Thanks!

Even Tobiesen
I was looking for long-term rentals in Barcelona, a city that seemingly offered only short-term holiday rentals. As a non-Spanish speaker finding an apartment through other online sites like Idealista was difficult, and trying to coordinate appointments from out of the country added another challenge. Alex was very accommodating in working with my schedule and preferences. I was able to make contact with him, as well as browse a list of potential rentals that he suggested to suit my preferences before even flying into Barcelona. Once in the city, I was presented with multiple rental options in a variety of locations paired with descriptions of the surrounding areas and neighborhoods, so I would know what to expect. Alex was able to handle all the arrangements within the day and a half I was in the city and follow up with the contacts and necessary paperwork after I left as well as answer all questions I might have thought of afterwards. I am extremely pleased with my rental process and interaction from start to finish and would definitely recommend using this agency when looking for any type of real estate option in the city.

I got my place through Alex, who I contacted on short notice because my other agent stood me up. Alex showed me 3 places within a day, which were all quite good. I liked that he was honest and shared his own opinion about the apartments, but at the same time he would give you space when visiting the apartments and making up your mind. He was especially helpful when arriving, as he came to the apartment directly, which made everything a lot easier with the luggage. I can only recommend him, if you’re looking for an efficient way to find a nice place in Barcelona (especially if you don’t speak Spanish)!

Irina Voronina
Excellent service! I had been struggling with flat hunting before coming across key2bcn. Alex arranged everything on my behalf making moving home less painful. Highly recommended to busy individuals, especially those who don’t speak Catalan nor Spanish.

Gøril Ranheim Vikør
Great service!! We got in touch with Alex after a recommendation from a friend, and he was really helpful and he found a perfect place for us in no time. He really does an effort to help his clients to get a place perfect for them!

Christina Polyzos
If you’re planning to move to Barcelona, Key2bcn is by far the best agency to help you find the perfect flat! I searched for quite some time before I found Key2bcn and the other agencies do not compare. Alex is very nice, very helpful, and always responds quickly to any questions or concerns. Choosing Key2bcn put my mind at ease :).

Stevie Reading
Excellent service, I enquired about a few places in Barcelona and was shown them by professionals who know their industry inside out. Key2BCN provided a great service and acted as a key point between myself and the owner, as a non Spanish speaker I could not have done without their help. Couldn’t thank them enough. I wholly recommend this company to anyone looking to rent in Barcelona out of all the agencies I spoke with this was by far the best.

Mauricio Cordido
Servicio eficiente y cordial, actitud pro-activa por parte de la agencia para facilitar tramites y ayudar en la relación entre el casero y el inquilino.
Las oficinas están ubicadas en zona céntrica y de fácil acceso. El personal no pretende ir de super-amigos o de sabiondos, sencillamente el trato es el correcto, es decir, respetuoso y cercano.
Sin exagerar la mejor agencia con la que he tratado.