Property Management

As a property management company, there are a variety of services that we can offer to property owners to help them effectively manage their real estate assets. Here are some examples of the services we offer:

Tenant placement and screening: We can help owners find suitable tenants by advertising the property, conducting tenant screenings, and managing the leasing process.

Rent collection and accounting: We can handle rent collection and manage the accounting for the property.

Maintenance and repairs: We can oversee the maintenance and repairs of the property, ensuring that it remains in good condition and addressing any issues that arise.

Lease management and renewals: We can manage the lease agreements and renewals, ensuring that they are compliant with all legal requirements and protecting the interests of the property owner.

Property inspections: We can conduct regular property inspections to ensure that it is being well-maintained and to identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

Tenant communication and dispute resolution: We can handle tenant communication, respond to tenant requests and complaints, and resolve any disputes that arise between the property owner and tenants.

By offering these services, we can help property owners maximize the return on their investment while minimizing the time and effort required to manage their properties.

Fees and pricing: Our full package service cost is 10% of the rent. However, we can always tailor the package to our clients, adjusting the services and the fees according to their needs. If you have more than one property we can also offer a special rate. Contact us for more details.