Sant Marti

The neighborhood

In 2001, Barcelona passed a law permitting the transformation of the old industrial area into Barcelona’s new technological district, 22@. The area is now full of new offices, hotels and apartment buildings, many with gardens, swimming pools and gyms. The new modern developments are just a short walk away from Poblenou, a very local area that hasn’t changed much over the years, and is next to the beach with lots of cafes and restuarants.

The lifestyle

The area is still developing very fast and is well known for the Forum exhibition hall which was built in 2004 to host the World Expo Universal Forum of Cultures. Living next to the beach has its advantages as residents here can enjoy the long coast line and some of the newer high-rise developments have sea views. The urban planning of the area has also allowed for lush green parkland spaces and two shopping centres. The Rambla de Poblenou is a great place for people watching and has a large selection of local bars and restuarants, withe  a more traditional lifestyle than the modernised Diagonal Mar.

The verdict

Locals, expats and families all feel equally at home in this neighbourhood by the sea, whether they choose the modern Diagonal Mar or the traditional Poblenou.

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