Sagrada Familia

The neighborhood

The Sagrada Familia sits proudly at the centre of this neighbourhood and is the world wide symbol of Barcelona. The monumental cathedral is Gaudi’s most famous work which he started in in 1883 and dedicated his life to carrying out, and the construction still continues to this day.

The lifestyle

Apart from being home to Gaudi’s masterpiece where you can gaze at the intricate details of the arches and towers or the unique tile work and carvings, this is a laid back working class neighbourhood. There are many restaurants and bars, mostly serving traditional tapas. Wander the side streets around the Sagrada Familia and get a feeling for everyday Spanish life.

The verdict

Locals and expats both enjoy living amongst each other in this residential neighbourhood, along with the constant flow of tourists who rarely wander further than a bloack from the Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia Properties