The neigbourood

The Gothic Quarter, one of Barcelona’s most historic sites with its many museums is heavily influenced by  the Roman presence in Barcelona . Many of the buildings represent history written in stone, as classic sits next to modern architecture, a mix of the old and the new draw people to this ancient quarter with its original plazas and beautiful courtyards.

The lifestyle

Stroll the narrow, winding streets that create a labyrinth where around each corner you always find something new to discover; from bands playing traditional folklore music to Spanish guitar. The large Cathedral is a focal point of the area and is surrounded by quaint streets where you can find small cafes, the most famous being Els Quatre Gats, where Pablo Picasso was a frequent visitor. The shopping ranges from vintage boutiques to more commercial outlets found in Portal D’angel. If you stray off the beaten track, you’ll always find something new and surprising in the fascinating side streets which will pull you back, again and again.

The verdict

Locals, expats and students all live side by side in this neighbourhood. It is best suited to to city dwellers who are used to the hustle and bustle of city life and mixing with a diverse crowd of people

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