Canvis Vells ( El Born)

This was our first renovation project in Barcelona. Finding a bright and spacious apartment in El Born is not an easy task, se when came upon a neglected 120m2 corner apartment on Calle Canvis Vells, we saw the potential straight away. We knew once we changed the existing layout and opened up the space, the large living room with 3 windows and 2 balconies with stunning views of the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral.

We chose to make two double bedrooms, both with en-suite bathrooms, office space, and a spacious living room/dining room with open kitchen and island. We completely changed the distribution, creating  two bedrooms both facing the interior patio, for more tranquility and privacy, and taking full advantage of the abundance of natural light in the exterior part of the apartment, which used to be divided into 4 small rooms, to make a spacious living/dining room with open kitchen as the heart of the house and a perfect spot to gaze upon the Santa Maria del Mar cathedral.



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